Creating for a Cause: City Farmer

Students from the IDEA Program at Capilano University worked on an advocacy project promoting the City Farmer as way to understand the powerful role communication design can play to inform, persuade and promote. The City Farmer was chosen because of its deep commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. The City Farmer encourages city dwellers to grow their own food in backyard and community gardens through educational initiatives and community programs. The students visited Vancouver’s Compost Demonstration Garden at 2150 Maple Street in Kitsilano where Michael Levenston, City Farmer’s Executive Director gave a tour of the wonderful community garden, talked about urban agriculture, the City Farmer volunteers and programs, and shared some local stories.

The challenge was to create conceptual solutions that educate, support the cause and promote action. Part of the process included listening carefully to City Farmer’s main objectives and understanding the target audience. Each student approached the project a little differently, and here are the results!

Alexis Young won a GDC National Scholarship with her submission Think Dirty!

Special thanks to Michael Levenston and the volunteers at the garden!

Student Matchbox Project

L to R: Mustaali Raj, Kelsey McRae, Brayden Eshuis, Alex Harvey-Wikens, Shu Chen Li

This 1st year project explores Victorian design, the industrial revolution and introduces the beginnings of trademark protection. The brief is to design an IDEA brand matchbox by applying one of three common styles used by matchbox manufacturers in the Victorian era – the Jonkoping original (Sweden), the double oval, or the decorative cartouche. Typical themes included the exotic, an event, royalty or celebrities, transportation, and subjects depicted in groups of 3 with Owen Jones “Grammar of Ornament” a likely resource.

Read more about this project in the Uppercase Gallery.

Inspired by an article written by Ben Jones about the evolution of matchbox design (2004, University of Reading).

Vancouver Auto Show 2012 Poster Submissions

Design Education at PICA

The PICA conference hosted by the GDC was held in Banff, Alberta in May 2011. The conference began with presentations from Canadian educators. I presented the introduction to my study about graphic design education in Canada. More to come soon!

Art Conversations

Love this great resource!

Leah Vlemmik’s futuristic skyline promotes the 2011 Vancouver International Auto Show

For the past five years, Capilano University 2nd Year IDEA students have been learning about event promotion through Paul McGeachie, Executive Director of the Vancouver International Auto Show. Paul and his team came to the University to introduce the promotional objectives for the annual Vancouver International Auto Show. Part way through the project Paul’s team provided an interim critique of the student work. The final poster was chosen by the New Car Dealers Association of B.C. This year’s winner is Leah Vlemmiks, with runners up Sarah Eno and Samantha Smith.

Vancouver Auto Show 2011 Poster Submissions

Here’s a preview of Capilano University 2nd year IDEA student poster design submissions promoting the 2011 Vancouver International Auto Show. The show will be held in Vancouver’s new waterfront convention centre from March 29 to April 3 2011.