Graphic Design Education in Canada

I’m working on a resource about graphic design education in Canada. This research project began in the Spring of 2010 as part of M.Ed. studies at Simon Fraser University. Part 1: Factors of change, quality and relevance is an expansive literature review about the current state of post-secondary education in Canada and graphic design education. It covers:

1. The evolution of graphic design programs

2. Educational coordination in Canada

3. Educational accreditation and quality assurance

  • Quality assurance as legitimacy
  • Educational accreditation in Canada
  • Accreditation of graphic design programs in the U.S.
  • Quality assurance for self interest

4. Faculty scholarship and validity

5. Nomenclature and taxonomies

6. Professional accreditation and relevancy

The second part is a compilation of data from more than 45 graphic design programs in Canada, and an Educators Roundtable held at ICOGRADA Design Week in Vancouver, in April 2010. This study is work in progress, but I hope to be able to share the results soon. Posted by Karin Jager.


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